What to do in Marmaris

A charming and quaint summer resort, the port city of Marmaris is surrounded by the azure blue waters of the mighty Mediterranean Sea. An exquisite and vibrant beachfront lined with trendy bars, cafes and restaurants is one of the most striking arenas of this beautiful area. While Marmaris has ample tours, adventure sports and a pulsating night life to spice up your holiday, it also exudes a peace and quiet that provides just the right amount of relaxation one expects from a holiday resort. The scenic beauty of the enchanting beaches set on a backdrop of the breathtaking Marmaris Mountains facing the clear blue Mediterranean Sea adds to the wonder and splendor of the area. While the adventurous can hike the mountain trails, go on jeep safaris, explore underwater, undertake snorkeling and ride horses, the explorers can venture far and wide to witness the glorious magnificence of the Dalyan , Cleopatra Beach, Boat Trips, Ephesus and many more tourist destinations located nearby.

What to do in Marmaris ? ( March , April )

The resort receives tourists all throughout the year although June to August is the peak season. From November to March, the place is particularly deserted and ideal for the ones looking for privacy and quiet. Boat trips and safaris are not available at this time unless you book private tours beforehand. While the weather remains charming and beautiful winter mornings followed by pleasant days and cool nights will greet you, occasional spells of rain often result in cancellations and can ruin plans. Just like the rest of the world, Marmaris starts blooming in the spring month of April when the tourist season slowly begins and although there can still be rainy days, the sun shines pretty frequently and many good weather days can be expected. During this month, only safaris ( jeep, horse and quad) are available tourist activities while beach walks and sightseeing around the town itself are other popular activities undertaken by visitors. May month sees the start of the boat trips and daily excursions to nearby islands, caves, coves and beaches can be availed. The weather is pleasant, cool and might be a little chilly. The mild and comfortable climate makes this time ideal for any kind of boat trips at both day and night times

What to do in Marmaris ? ( June, July , August )

June, July and August are the proper summer months of the year with sweltering temperatures and it is during these months that this beach resort comes to life. Exciting night life, daily boat trips, excursions, safaris, horse rides, scuba diving, hiking and fishing start at full throttle and the island buzzes with mulling tourists and an effervescent crowd. Sightseeing trips to the Ancient City of Ephesus , Jeep Safari, Atlantis Water Park and the Marmaris City Tour is also quiet popular. The lazier ones can occupy the beach and bask in the warm sun as well as dip in the Mediterranean blues. It is highly imperative that all tourists carry water, hats, sunglasses and sun block creams with them and wear light cotton clothes to beat the heat. The beachfront is full of cafes serving cold coffee and other refreshing beverages so don’t forget to take periodic breaks from all the fun in order to recharge your energy levels.

What to do in Marmaris ? ( September and October )

After the vivacious summer months, Marmaris slowly lulls itself down to face September and October when the tourist season starts dwindling due to the rain. It is because of this rain that most excursions and trips start lessening their frequencies until by mid-October, they all stop running except for the private tours. Despite this, the resort is still a gorgeous place to be with the chill and the rain because of its immense natural beauty.

While Marmaris is a true Turkish gem and is to be thoroughly explored, Cleopatra Island is one thing you simply cannot miss on your trip. This exquisite beach is completely made of pink sand that was imported from Egypt by Mark Anthony for the love of his life, Cleopatra, who refused to set foot on any sand not from her own country. It is the only one of its kind in the entire world and the surrounding turquoise blue waters makes it a stunning place to be. Daily boat trips to this island can be availed at minimum rates.