Bodrum or Marmaris

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and naturally gifted countries of the world. On its south lies the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea is to its west and Black sea to its north. These three seas offer spectacular shores to Turkey. As turkey is surrounded by seas all around, it has many beautiful beaches and sea side resorts. These beaches are very popular tourist destinations. Tourists from all over the world visit Turkey, the home to famous Ottoman emperor, to spend some indeed unforgettable time. The Marmaris and Bodrum cities in Turkey are famous for their beaches, shore touched resorts, and the development which also depict the rich Turkish heritage. Both Marmaris and Bodrum are port cities Marmaris is quite developed as compared to Bodrum and is frequented by tourist during vacations to enjoy its beaches, cafes, restaurants and the scenic beauty. Bodrum has much to offer too. It has beautiful palm trees, beautiful fairy tale like houses, and the beautiful Aegean Sea to visit. Both cities are so much to offer that tourists find it difficult to choose among them. Below is the difference in both cities, which will help you determine which city to visit depending on what you prefer and which city offers you your desires.

Transportation (Bodrum or Marmaris)

Both Marmaris and Bodrum are approachable by nearby airports. Bodrum-Milas airport is around 35km from Bodrum. But Bodrum has less transportation facilities with only few buses operating in selected areas. Also these public buses are not too comfortable and travelling in them is expensive. Transportation sometimes becomes harder in Bodrum. Comparatively Marmaris has more favorable transport conditions. Dalaman airport is 100km from Marmaris and has many buses and mini buses which make transportation quite convenient as well as easy in this region.

Historical sites to visit


While in Bodrum you can visit the Castle of St. Peter, Myndos gate and the Karakaya village. Bodrum doesn’t have very happening beaches though. There are no water sport options in Bodrum and swimming is the only activity one can enjoy in Bodrum sea waters. Bodrum mainly offers good view into Turkish history. Is has many ruins, amphitheatre, museums and castle, which all depict the old Turkish culture. The Bodrum Museum of underwater archeology has collection of underwater wrecks. It houses the ancient wreck of the Uluburun shipwreck. This museum ha won many awards for its collection and is situated inside the Bodrum castle. This castle is one historical monument and has a magnificent architecture. The Bodrum amphitheatre and mausoleum of Halicarnassus are must visit places.


Marmaris offers the best beach time. On these beaches one can enjoy many water sports and activities like river rafting, kayaking and scuba diving. The clubs and bars near these beaches add to the fun and offer very exotic night beach parties. Beach lovers should visit Marmaris. It has many water parks, bars and also cruises to Icmeler and Turunc. One can also visit Dalyan and Ephesus from Marmaris. The Marmaris castle, though not as mighty as Bodrum, but it is one good place to visit too.

Natural beauty:

Both Marmaris and Bodrum are naturally scenic and beautiful. The natural vegetation and mountains here are splendid. The Marmaris Mountains and marina are great to see. Nature lovers will love them. These mountains are good for trekking, hiking, jeep safaris and mountain biking. Waterfalls and villages nearby these mountains let you peep into the daily life of people here. One can visit the market place and see local life. World famous Turkish bath and spa are available in both Marmaris and Bodrum. But Marmaris is quiet cheaper and interesting as compared to Bodrum.

Night life:

Bodrum, as mentioned earlier is still very close to culture and is not very developed. So even though the city has bars and clubs, they are not quite exquisite and also are costly. Some bars here have entry fees higher than the drink prices. The Bodrum marine club arranges mid sea or ocean boat parties which are worth experiencing. But one should gather proper information and take proper measure too while going on such parties, as in the past there have been reports of some scams in such parties.

Night life is Marmaris is something you should not miss. Club goers and party lovers should never say no to Marmaris. The clubs, bars on the beaches here are wonderful and the brew sections in these places are like heaven for drinkers. One can get all brands of drinks here. Name it and you have it.

Marmaris and Bodrum are both unique in their own ways. But given the enjoyment and activities it offers, Marmaris is more offering and happening.