Based on this agreement between Muyara Travel and you. This covers every party’s rights and responsibility as regards the provision laid down in “4077 numbered Law About Consumer Protection – Regulations About Procedure and Principle of Execution of Distance Contracts” that is identified with services rendering and sales that is carried by means of website in with the help of electronic access and mentioned below is the sales prices and related properties.


2.1-CONSUMER, indicates that he/she totally comprehended and is notified about the properties accessed during tour and service rendering, sums of sales and method of payment which is included into this agreement and the fulfillment of basic, and he/she made the fundamental affirmation in electronic medium.
2.2-AGENCY, is obligated to CONSUMER service’s and tour’s as part of the same as it is done in writing in this agreement.
2.3-AGENCY, is in charge of payment refund or compensation and feelings that will happen if there should be an occurrence of breaching or violating this agreement.
2.4-VISA is excluded to the bought tours and activities. There is no visa issue to individuals who are citizens of Turkey and have foreign nation international passport in taking a visit to Greek islands.
2.5-CONSUMER, ought to inform AGENCY by forwarding a service dissatisfaction or complains if there should arise an occurrence of any hazardous issue. AGENCY is in charge of finding a few arrangements if there should arise an occurrence of bona fide.
2.6 – CONSUMER, in the event that he/she informs about the situation 3 days prior, can postpone the tour date without paying an extra charge.
2.7-CONSUMER, will not pay an extra VAT for the service rendered. All costs include VAT.


3.1 – AGENCY, can decide on his own discretion to cancel any tour because of any unfavorable and harsh condition, for example, earthquake, terrorist incident, bad weather conditions, road obstacles and unpredictable technical issues even it offers the right tour environment. For this situation, purchaser or client has no right of COMPENSATATING.
3.2 – CONSUMER, can cancel the tour until more than or equivalent to 15 days left to tour and can acknowledge and receive return.
3.3 – CONSUMER, can get half of his/her cash back if he/she asks for withdrawal one week before the tour.
3.4-CONSUMER, cannot ask for cancelation if only it is 7 days less than the date for the tour. In the event that he/she does, he/she acknowledges to pay everything. Date changes made by CONSUMER be announced invalid and void.
3.5 – CONSUMER, can delegate the tour to another person until there are more than or equivalent to 7 days left for the tour.
3.6 – If CONSUMER, does not forward a written statement about his/her non-attendance in the tour, AGENCY has the privilege to cancel the tours that CONSUMER will go to after 24 hours. In such cases, there is no refund to the CONSUMER.
3.7 – AGENCY, in the event that it considers vital, has the privilege of cancelation of the complete or a part of the tour. In such cases, AGENCY must forward this situation in written statement to CONSUMER. AGENCY, can change the request of visit if it has been done in written statement before. In such cases, if CONSUMER does not have any desire to go for the tour, refund of the money not yet utilized can be done.
3.8 – AGENCY can inform the CONSUMER individually about tour cancelations or AGENCY can declare it by means of its site. CONSUMER acknowledges and affirms this circumstance.


Marmaris Consumer Courts and Arbitration Boards are obligated and in charge of the circumstances arising form the execution of this agreement. Shopper, is expected to acknowledge and embrace all the conditions of this agreement.